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Specializing in Michigan, California, Colorado, Florida, and South Carolina Home Loans, Mortgages, & Refinancing.






This is the most common form of mortgage. Let the Assur Loan team walk with you in the process of getting your own conventional loan today!



Federal Housing Administration loans are backed by the FHA. Our team can help you in the process of getting your own FHA loan.



We offer state of the art service and process for military veterans all across the country. We offer VA IRRRL refinance transactions and provide exceptional service for military veterans all across the country. Take advantage of a 0% down when purchasing your new home as a military veteran


We have exceptional experience in the industry as a leading purchase team. We work and partner with agents all across the country as their preferred broker. Allow our team to work together to show you why we are the obvious choice in the purchase market.



Receive cash from value in your home for home improvements, buying a new engagement ring or even consolidate debt. Most scenarios will save hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly and build beautiful credit.



In order to be eligible for many USDA loans, household income must meet certain guidelines.


A Happy Home Makes a Happy Family 


Goals are intended to be met and dreams are there to be built. We have studied thousands of applicants that have had the desire to close a home loan. From purchase, refinance to being entrusted by real estate agents our team has a goal to provide a financial solution for everyone we speak with. Our team has an extensive history from the first hello to guiding an application to close. We dig deep to understand our client’s true goal for a home loan and tailor the program specifically around their financial needs. Figuring out a budget not only for the closing but years after being in the solution we build is our team approach.


When a client is referred to us, we do whatever is possible to show we are the obvious choice for such a sensitive financial decision. Our company does not bombard potential clients with tracking down their information from 3rd party lead generated systems. Our companies approach is built around trust and good value. We have partners all across the nation that have declared us their preferred lender. We built these relationships from previous experiences of showing the attention to detail we strive for. Always being available and ensuring high-quality work is what creates separation from our competition. The science of a mortgage can be defined, however, the art is something that comes from experience in understanding how to be creative.


Please allow our team to join you how we can help build the dream of home ownership.


We obtain our clients information from a referred based system we have in place with real estate agents and brokers across the nation. From having a client’s information, we assist with any purchase or refinance need. Our exclusive service allows us to have a more intimate understanding of how we can help a client make a stressful process a positive one.


As a mortgage broker, we search several mortgage wholesalers to understand what the best financial solution will be. Every client has a completely different story, and our goal is to fully understand the process beyond the cost and interest rate. Length of time in the home, plans for the future and potential expansion of the family are some of the things we strive to understand to making sure the perfect option is presented. Once we have all the data needed, we then work for you to show how and why the option presented makes the most sense. From a logistical to artistic process, we strive for excellence everyday to become the most trusted mortgage provider in the nation.


Many clients complain they feel they are not heard, or are being handed off when the process beings to become difficult. We stick with every client as if they are our last and strive to build a long lasting relationship. Our system of communication allows you to deal with one individual the entire process. We have found this makes the process much more streamlined and makes everything transition over much more organically. We set realistic expectations for our clients and realtors so there will never be any confusion throughout the process.



We recently did a refinance with Vadren at Assur loans. Vadren and his team did a phenomenal job. We have done many mortgage transactions with other companies in the past and this was by far the easiest/best process. Vadren did not only close our loan in two weeks, but also gave us an unbeatable deal. He always answered our calls and was very friendly throughout the process. Vadren and Assur loans will be our Mortgage company moving forward and I will be recommending them to all my friends and family.


Peter Elia, my mortgage broker with Assur, was simply the best. Peter was able to get me an amazing low refinance rate and he had me closing in 15 days from my initial call with him. I had been trying to refinance with 3 other lenders for 5 months who just kept giving the run around even though I had amazing credit (high 700s). He was the upmost professional, pushing all my documents through in a couple of days and he personally called me every day just to check in and give me updates. You don’t get customer service like that any more. I highly recommend Peter and his team if you want a friendly, low worry experience with a mortgage or refinance loan.


Hands down the best company to refi with! Vadren Jaddou handled business closed my loan within 2 weeks! I’ve refinanced in the past, and I was constantly calling , hounding down my loan officers I felt like I was the one trying to process my own loan, not Vadren, he made contact with me everyday, took time to walk me through the paperwork if I had any questions didn’t matter what time it was, will recommend them to all my friends and family thanks again Josh!


We are always standing by to assist

you or a loved one with any information regarding loans or applications. We will help guide you step by step in your pursuit of achieving financial goals.



26711 Northwestern Highway, Suite 200 Southfield MI, 48033

Tel:   248-929-5764


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